Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Meet the Contestants; The Cape Cod

With the first Wood Stove Decathlon only a couple months away, we are doing a weekly blog post to showcase the Decathlon competitors. Take this opportunity to learn more about the design teams and their stove’s innovative features. 

The Cape Cod is a powerhouse stove, weighing in at almost 600 pounds with a 3 cubic foot firebox. The Cape Cod has been officially certified by the EPA as a clean-burning large freestanding wood stove. Running at over 80% efficiency and with only .45 grams of emissions per hour, the Cape Cod produces an incredibly clean burn. This clean burn comes from the combination of Lopi’s advanced secondary combustion system along with catalytic assist to create the unique Hybrid-Fyre™ technology that makes this stove run so efficiently. 

President of Travis Industries, Kurt Rumens, along with Cape Cod designer, Alan Atemboski, created the Cape Cod with the mindset to develop the future of wood stoves. With the industry always progressing, they wanted to set Travis Industries apart with a product that would create a new standard in wood stove design, something that had not been done before. They figured out a balance between the secondary combustion and catalytic systems so that when combined, it created the best of both technologies. The hybrid of emissions produces the cleanest burn, giving it the name Hybrid-Fyre™. With over two years of extensive research and practice, they developed the clean-burning large freestanding wood stove registered by the EPA, and in December of 2012 the Lopi Cape Cod was born. 

The Cape Cod comes with several quality features, but one that makes it more efficient is the GreenStart igniter system. This new system allows the Cape Cod to be started in seconds with the push of a button. 

So far, the Cape Cod has been a success with its extreme efficiency, powerful heat output and sleek cast iron design. It has been named the winner of three prestigious Vesta Awards, including Best New Wood Stove, Best of Show- Hearth Product, and the Green Award. 

From modest beginning of its first wood stove built in 1979, Travis Industries is now the largest privately-owned wood, pellet and gas stove, insert and fireplace company in America, producing high-quality American-made products. 

We are looking forward to seeing the Cape Cod in action at the Wood Stove Decathlon November 16-19, 2013. Vote for your favorite stove at Popular Mechanics

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