Monday, July 1, 2013

Wöhler Brings New Particulate Analyzer to Wood Stove Design Challenge

The German precision test equipment manufacturer, Wöhler, is providing one of its new Wöhler SM 500 particulate analyzers to do accurate PM 2.5 testing in the field. The Wöhler unit is a Suspended Particulate Analyzer for online PM 2.5 mass concentration measurements of small solid fuel appliances. The brand new technology just came out last year to meet requirements under a new German law that requires wood stoves and boilers to be checked in the field for emissions every year. German chimney sweeps play the same role as vehicle emission testing stations in the US. If the emissions are too high, the problem has to be fixed or the system taken out of service.

The Wood Stove Design Challenge will be using the Wöhler equipment at its national exhibition to educate policy makers and the public about modern wood heater emissions. The 10 judges who are preparing for the Challenge are gaining experience in using the new Wöhler technology in anticipation of using on-site testing of emissions. The Wöhler SM 500 is now at the Brookhaven National Laboratory where one of the judges, Dr. Thomas Butcher, is performing trial testing. Other judges will join him in coming months as they test the fueling protocol and compare the Wöhler SM 500 to the traditional, but more cumbersome, dilution tunnel test procedure that is used in wood stoves tests to ensure they meet EPA emissions standards. Dilution tunnels are large, time-consuming and expensive to use and are not an option for testing up to 14 wood stoves on the National Mall over a 5-day period.

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