Monday, July 1, 2013

Napoleon's "EPA certified - exempt" fireplace?

Napoleon has labeled one of its fireplaces “EPA certified – exempt.” According to the EPA, this wording is not allowed. For consumers it is confusing at best, but can also be misleading or false advertising. The fireplace is the NZ6000 High Country and it’s an exempt unit, meaning it does not conform to EPA emissions standards.


  1. what about RSF of Canada,all there wood burning zeros except one are excempt and listed that way or the word equivalent is used.....

  2. RSF manufactures the following EPA certified units:
    Focus 250
    Focus 320
    Opel Catalytic
    The Delta (bay window), Oracle (see through) and Opel are exempt. RSF does not advertise or promote any units as certifed - exempt.

  3. The Napoleon NZ6000 is EPA Exempt and is listed on the EPA website as being such. Check out the explanation of "exempt" on the EPA website. It does not mean that the fireplace does not conform to EPA emission standards as you claim. It means the fireplace has met the criteria defined by the EPA to be exempt from emissions testing. To meet that exemption classification, the design specifications must be submitted to and reviewed by EPA who then confirm or certify in writing that the fireplace is exempt.