Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sample Form Letter

For Maryland Green Heat supporters wanting to write their delegates we have provided the following form letter. The most effective way to be heard by your Delegate is to personalize your message so feel free to use this to start but we highly recommend you add a personal touch.

Dear Delegate _________,

I am writing you to state my support for House Bill 829. This act, concerning the Renewable Energy for All Act (REAL) will make Maryland a leader in setting emissions standards for wood and pellet stoves while helping low-income families affordably heat their home from local fuel. 

In light of the proposed cuts to LIHEAP funding in the federal budget it is as important as ever that Maryland assists its most needy families. REAL and its grant program, which provides a 30% grant up to $1,500, is an excellent way to provide an affordable and clean heating solution to Maryland Households.

Please stand up for families across Maryland and support H.B. 829.


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