Thursday, February 17, 2011

Action Alert!

The Alliance for Green Heat has been working with partners in the Maryland House of Representatives to advance House Bill 829, an act concerning the Renewable Energy for All Act. Introduced by Representatives Mizeur, Miller, Bobo, Hucker, Luedtke and McMillan, it will establish a renewable energy grant program in Maryland for residential wood and pellet heating units. 

Unlike the current renewable energy grant programs for solar, wind and geothermal, this program is designed mainly for low and middle-income families.  Unlike those programs, which can provide very large grants mainly to wealthy families, this would provide a maximum grant of $1,500 so that available funds can benefit many families.  The program would establish the strictest emission limits on wood and pellet stoves in the United States.

As the release of our 2011 Residential Wood Heat Report Card demonstrated, many states are lagging on their support for biomass at the very same time that its use as a heating fuel has been increasing. Maryland alone witnessed a 10% increase in the use of wood or pellet stoves, however many of these are older, polluting models, which can have dangerous health effects and are unnecessarily polluting.  This bill will help those most in need make the switch to green heat. 

Join the fight! Contact your Representative today and tell them that they should support H.B. 829. Low-income families across Maryland stand to benefit from affordable heating fuel while everyone can appreciate cleaner air and less climate change causing emissions.

To find your Representative and their contact information please visit here

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