Monday, August 12, 2013

Meet the Contestants; HWAM

With the first Wood Stove Decathlon only a few months away, we here at the Alliance for Green Heat have started a weekly blog to showcase the Decathlon competitors. Take this opportunity to learn more about the design teams and their stove’s innovative features.

One of the European finalists of the Decathlon is the newly developed HWAM 3630 IHS from the Danish manufacturer HWAM. The stove is run by an oxygen sensor and computer, and even beeps when it’s the optimal time to reload more wood. This is one of the finalists that is already on the market and retails for $4,216.

HWAM has had a longstanding ambition to develop a more intelligent stove to heighten the technological level of its products. Helping the consumer burn wood with minimal attention to the stove and no experience necessary, while achieving the same results at home that are obtained in test labs under ideal conditions are key to their innovation philosophy.

HWAM founder Vagn Hvam Pedersen is the leading creative and technical mind behind the stove. He has outfitted the stove with advanced technology and a sleek, modern European design. For the Hvam Pederson family the stove is the center point of the home for the family to gather in comfort and warmth. Hvam Pedersen built the family owned business from the ground up until it ignited to become an internationally renowned company.

Video of HWAM
IHS features
The innovation behind the HWAM 3630 IHS rests in the Autopilot Intelligent Heat System (IHS). This system allows for precise control over the stove’s combustion and temperature. The system uses a lambda oxygen sensor and a thermocouple to electronically measure combustion conditions. These measurements are then sent to a computer that automatically regulates three independent fans to control airflow for optimum combustion. The temperature of the fire may also be controlled through a remote control, as the fans adjust their speed accordingly.

The advantage for the consumer to have IHS is that an optimum burn means the most efficient use of firewood. This puts less of a strain on the stove owner’s fuel and the environment. The concept of the stove is to work around a potentially inexperienced owner to offset human error when possible. HWAM has even been awarded the Nordic Ecolabel after following strict environmental regulations. The stove must comply with rigorous limits on local air pollution and emissions of dangerous substances such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.

We are looking forward to seeing the HWAM 3630 IHS in action at the Wood Stove Decathlon November 16-19, 2013. Vote for your favorite stove at Popular Mechanics.

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