Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Webinar Announcement

Innovation and the NSPS:

How can the EPA encourage innovative new technologies?

1:00-2:00 PM ET
Thursday, May 9, 2013

EPA regulations for biomass heating devices often have addressed one set of problems, and inadvertently led to others as technology developed. The EPA has stated that in the next wood heater New Source Performance Standard (NSPS), it wants to “minimize potential loopholes.” How can the NSPS encourage and not discourage new technologies that may be cleaner and more efficient, but have difficulty with approved test methods? What lessons have we learned from the existing NSPS and EPA voluntary programs? Register for the May 9 webinar to begin discussion >>

This webinar is being held in the lead up to the Wood Stove Design Challenge, a national competition to promote extremely clean, efficient, innovative and affordable cordwood technology.

Although there will be a Question and Answer session, questions are requested in advance and should be submitted to info@forgreenheat.org by COB Monday, May 6. This webinar is co-hosted by the Biomass Thermal Energy Council and the Alliance for Green Heat.

  • Mr. Gil Wood, Project Lead, NSPS Program, Environmental Protection Agency 
  • Moderated by John Ackerly, President, Alliance for Green Heat 
  • Welcome by Joseph Seymour, Executive Director of the Biomass Thermal Energy Council

Attend the webinar and learn
  • How the NSPS applies to residential biomass heating equipment
  • What procedures, qualifications, emissions limits, and technologies are under consideration for the draft NSPS rule
  • The comparative changes from the existing and draft NSPS
  • How the new NSPS would promote and handle innovative technologies
  • Will this NSPS drive innovation by requiring industry to meet strict emission limits?
  • Question and Answer session with the speaker (questions are requested in advance)
Registration Information
 Send any questions to info@forgreenheat.org.

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