Friday, April 5, 2013

Verified Pellet Stove Efficiency Key to Industry Success

The pellet industry has been developing certification standards to ensure that consumers know the quality of the pellets they are buying, but a similar issue is being overlooked when it comes to the equipment that uses the pellets—the efficiency of the stoves.

There is virtually no credible information available to consumers that indicates which stoves are extremely efficient, and which are pellet guzzlers. The federal and state governments should be clamoring for this information, because pellet stoves and boilers are the biomass heating appliance that most deserves incentives, and incentives are almost always tied to efficiency.

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  1. I really enjoyed your article “Verified Pellet Stove Efficiency Key To
    Industry Success”.

    So in summary I am not a supporter of LHV Efficiency because it gives companies the ability to fool people who do not understand the difference between LHV & HHV. The LHV process was originally developed to help less experienced engineers track the Sensible heat flows without dealing with water vapor heat.

    The problem you expose in your article is no surprise to me since that same problem occurs with wood stoves. For those of us with wood combustion analysis skills we understand the importance to track all energy flows especially water vapor because some wood combustion systems handle wood with large amounts of moisture

    Anyway thanks for the interesting article on Pellet Stove Efficiency.

    William G. Acker
    Acker & Associates
    Green Bay, Wis.