Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cast Your Vote for the Wood Stove Design Challenge!

NEW YORK - Popular Mechanics magazine has launched an online ballot that allows people to choose which Wood Stove Design Challenge finalist they think is most innovative.

The Wood Stove Design Challenge was launched by the Alliance for Green Heat to bring more innovation to a popular, widely used renewable energy device. The winners of the competition will be selected by judges after a series of rigorous tests in Washington DC this November. The People's Choice award is intended to encourage public engagement and education in wood stove technology.

"Wood stoves have been held back by the perception that they can't be clean enough," said John Ackerly, President of the Alliance for Green Heat. "We think they can be and recent innovations show that some wood stoves can be nearly as clean as pellet stoves."

The People's Choice Award will also shed light on what the public perceives as the most innovative wood stove features.

"If next-generation wood stoves lack compelling benefits, then the innovation won't make much of an impact on the market," said Jim Meigs, judge and Editor-in-Chief of Popular Mechanics. Maybe the public will value user-­-friendliness most-or perhaps functionality, practicality, cost, automation or connectivity. Here's a chance for the public to help shape the next generation wood stove."

Click here to cast your vote!

Each website visitor will be allowed one online confirmed by IP address. Visitors to the Wood Stove Decathlon will also have the chance to cast a paper ballot.

The finalist who receives the most votes will be named the People's Choice winner during the Wood Stove Decathlon, which will be held at the National Mall in Washington, DC this November.

During the Wood Stove Decathlon, a team of stove, air quality, and combustion experts will select an official Grand Prize winner and several second-place winners, based on five criteria: emissions, efficiency, affordability, innovation and ease of use.

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