Thursday, February 28, 2013

Meet Challenge Finalists, Partners & Sponsors at the HBPExpo

Going to the HPBExpo in Orlando March 13-16? Check out the booths of the Wood Stove Design Challenge finalists and meet some of the Organizers. John Ackerly & Melissa Bollman from the Alliance for Green Heat will be there as well as David Agrell from Popular Mechanics, the lead media sponsor.

(Note: Competitors with booths at the Expo will not necessarily be exhibiting their stoves designs for the Wood Stove Design Challenge.)

HWAM: Team Captain Steve Rhoades will be attending.  
Kimberly: Team Captain Roger Lehet may attend.
SmartStove: Team Captain Dan McFarland will be attending.
Travis: Booth #2731, 5151
Tulikivi: Booth #2235. Team Captain Jeremy Johnson will be attending until noon on the 13th.
Blaze King: Booth #1901
Schott Robax: Booth #2523

Click on the map to enlarge it
If you plan on going to the Expo and would like to meet up, please get in touch with us through the email addresses above. Thanks! 

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