Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Strimling Resigns from Woodpellets.com

Jon Strimling, founder and CEO of woodpellets.com, the nation's largest on-line retailer of wood pellets and a Board member of the Alliance for Green Heat, has stepped down as CEO of woodpellets.com. He remains active as a woodpellet.com board member and consultant to the firm.

Jon, a graduate of MIT, has been highly motivated by the opportunity of switching to a low-carbon, low-priced alternative to oil and propane. Jon is also a founding member of the Alliance for Green Heat and has supported our work that focuses heavily on assisting low and middle-income families to affordably heat their homes with cord wood and pellets. Jon continues to serve on the Alliance Board and one of his longtime interests has been to find ways for federal low-income heating assistance (LIHEAP) to help move families to lower cost, renewable heat. Jon has fought to bring European models of heating policy to America, which favor using biomass for their highest efficiency uses.

"Building Woodpellets.com over the past five years has been an honor and a thrill. I'm looking forward to seeing WoodPellets.com continue to thrive. It's an exciting time for both this company and the industry, as so many people turn to wood pellets for a more cost effective, greener heating fuel." Jon is charting his next move and when we called a few days ago, he was in his basement admiring his newest toy: a Harman pellet boiler that he outfitted with an automatic pellet feed system.

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