Thursday, November 4, 2010

UN Report Espouses Wood Fuels to Mitigate Climate Change

The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations released a report this year in Rome titled What Woodfuels Can Do to Mitigate Climate Change. The report is a comprehensive study of the state and potential of the global woodfuel market and the numerous benefits it's sustainable growth would entail.

The report analyzes the resources and markets available on a regional basis, arguing that a huge potential for growth exists. Future woodfuel use energy trends, potential climate change mitigation and numerous positive socio-economic and environmental impacts, especially in developing countries are also examined.

The report found that biomass energy currently accounts for nearly 10% of primary global energy consumed annually, more than all other renewable and nuclear energies combined. Biomass consumers in developing countries stand to benefit from modernization programs which would reduce health effects and improve fuel efficiency. Meanwhile many in the developed world are looking to sustainably manage domestic forest resources while developing first class wood stove industries. AFGH is pleased that the FAO report provides such a balanced view of use of biomass in both developed and developing countries.

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