Saturday, April 30, 2016

Photo Essay of the 2016 Pellet Stove Design Challenge

Patricia Fritz of the NY Department of Health and
Dr. Barbara Panessa-Warren, a nano particle expert
from Brookhaven.  Their panel was one of the most appreciated!
Dave Atkins, moderator of the wood stove retrofit panel,
introducing Jeff Hollowell, a retrofit builder.

Stove installation and set-up prior to the event. (Norbert Senf)
Marius Wöhler came from Germany to share experiences of BeReal, a
European round robin testing project and a multi-year European
 Union funded survey of how people actually use their stoves at home. (AGH) 
Geoffrey Johnson and the Torrefire Pellet Stove. (BNL)
SUNY Buffalo students (from left: Kevan Darmawan, Kyle Hinman,
and Steven Widdis) using the Testo 320. (BNL)
The VibraStove, invented and
 designed by Stephen Spevak. 
A drawing of what the PELLWOOD, first place winner, by Wittus,
may look like when it goes to market. (Wittus)

Geoffrey Johnson, inventor of the Torrefire stove, with Jytte
 Illerup, a Danish researcher and Ricardo Caravahlo, a
Portugese Ph.D. student from Denmark. (AGH)

Mark Knaebe, from the US Forest Service and John Crouch, from
HPBA at the automated cord wood stove panel. Ben Myren
 was presenting the VcV valve technology via telephone. (AGH) 
The Alliance for Green Heat team: Board members Dave Atkins,
Jonathan Kays, and Norbert Senf with AGH President John
Ackerly in blue and staff member Gabriella McConnel. (AGH)
René Bindig, a member of the first
place team,Wittus - Fire by Design.
Craig McKim of Testo,  discussing
  testing procedures with the SUNY Buffalo team. (AGH)
Tom Butcher and Rebecca Trojanowski, biomass testing
 experts from Brookhaven National Laboratory. (AGH)
John Ackerly and Gabriella McConnel, of the Alliance for
 Green Heat, presenting two of the commercial
demonstration stoves. (Norbert Senf)

Bill Clark of the Osprey Foundation (right) shows off the
Mimi Moto, an ultra clean pellet fired cook stove
that he distributes in Africa. (AGH)
Norbert Senf of the Masonry Heater
Association presenting findings on PM
 repeatability testing. (AGH)
Judges meeting before the Closing Ceremony.  From the left:
 Rebecca Trojanowski, Mark Knaebe, Tom Butcher, Ray
Albrecht, Ellen Burkhard and Phil Hopke. (Norbert Senf) 
Stephen Spevak, inventor of the VibraStove, explaining
 his design to the students of SUNY Buffalo.  (AGH)
Team Wittus - Fire by Design, seconds after hearing
the news that they received first place. (AGH)
Rebecca Trojanowski, Craig McKim, Geoffrey Johnson,
and Mark Knaebe admiring the testo model capable of
measuring PM. (Norbert Senf)
Scott Williamson,,
touching on the best and worst of
 innovation in the pellet stove market. (AGH)
Jock Gill, representing Jerry Whitfield,
speaking about the history of pellet stoves
and the potential of biochar. (AGH)
Dr. Joseph Mollendorf, advisor to the SUNY Buffalo team,
 speaking on the automation and controls
 his students are working on. (Norbert Senf)
Adam Baumgart-Getz of EPA with Geoffrey
Johnson and the Torrefire stove, which
 burns torrefied wood pellets. (AGH)
Second and first place teams congratulating each other
(From left: Vance Hirst Sr., Vance Hirst Jr., and
Vance Hirst III of Team Seraph and Niels Wittus and
 René Bindig of Team Wittus - Fire by Design) (AGH)
Alliance for Green Heat staff (right) congratulating Niels Wittus and
 René Bindig, who won first place at the 2016 Pellet Stove Design Challenge.


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  2. You folks at AGH have done a spectacular job over the years and deserve far more credit and press than you are given. We all breath the air we all polute.