Monday, November 18, 2013

Preliminary Ranking of Stoves at Wood Stove Decathlon as of Sunday, Nov. 17

The Wood Stove Decathlon judges and technicians have completed one round of emissions and efficiency on 8 out of 12 of the stoves in the competition. Each stove will have at least two tests and the results will be averaged. (See our previous post explaining how the stoves in the competition are scored.) If time permits, the judges may decide to do a different type of test using a cold start to measure start-up emissions on the stoves in contention for first place.

As of 4:00 PM Sunday 11/17, the number one stove for low emissions is the Mulciber stove by the University of Maryland.  The number one stove for high efficiency is the Wittus Twinfire.  The full rankings are:

1. Un. of Maryland      
2. Woodstock Soapstone              
3. Intercontinental      
4. Wittus Twinfire          
5. Travis Cape Cod                
6. Ecolabel Tile Stove              
7. Hwam
8. SmartStove
9. Tulikivi
10. Kimberly
11. Intensifire
12. Walker

1. Wittus Twinfire
2. Ecolabel Tile Stove
3. University of Maryland
4. Tulikivi
5. Woodstock Soapstone
6. Travis Cape Cod
7. Intercontinental
8. Hwam
9. Intensifire
10. Walker
11. SmartStove
12. Kimberly

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