Monday, August 27, 2012

Three Wood Stove Manufacturers Fined $49,000

Vermont Castings, England Stove Works and Fireplace Products International (FPI) were each fined $49,000 for NSPS violations by the EPA enforcement division.  In addition, New Buck Stoves was fined $35,000 and Travis and Sun Spot received very small fines.  Click here to view a list of wood stove violations and fines that we believed were issued in the last eight to twelve years. 

As part of its responsibility to enforce the NSPS, the EPA inspects wood stove manufacturers and levies fines on companies that have not complied with the record keeping and other requirements.  The Alliance for Green Heat obtained records from the EPA about which companies have been fined. 

Most of the companies were fined for recordkeeping violations.  FPI was fined for a labeling violation.  Separate from the $49,000 recordkeeping violation, Vermont Castings was also fined $13,000 for a sealed stove violation.

Two of the companies, FPI and England Stove Works, paid part of their violation in cash and part in stoves.  The stoves were provided to a Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) to install in low-income households.

The Clean Air Act provides minimum amounts that the EPA will accept in settlement of enforcement actions.  For example, “use of incorrect information on a permanent label” can be settled for “$1,000 per model line and $10 per stove.”   Failure to maintain sales records can cost a company $1,000.  Failure to conduct an emission test quality assurance program is $500 per stove not tested as required.  And, if a manufacturer advertises for sale, or sells a stove without permanent label or certification test, the fee is $3,000 per model line and $30 per stove manufactured.  Click here for a copy of the EPA's policies and procedures for fining stove manufacturers. 



  1. What a bunch of Bull!No hydronic wood furnaces (Indoor wood and outdoor wood Boilers) are not under the New performance standards which makes the big polluters and exempt! The woodstove companys fined are Those 3 companys should turn around and sue the EPA!!!! and where the heck are our envionmental groups

  2. These violations (as noted are primarily record keeping)are not recent, they are almost ten years old. To be fair to the manufacturers of these products, dates should be published.

  3. I think that companies who manufacture wood stoves better be aware of these regulations to avoid being fined just like what happened here.