Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Free pellet stove repair for low-income families in New England

Scott Williamson, who owns Pelletstoveservice.com is offering to repair pellet stoves of low-income families and individuals this winter free of charge. To be eligible, the person must either be currently approved for state heating assistance or some other low-income program and live within his southern New England service area. The Alliance for Green Heat is urging hearth dealers and pellet dealers to help identify low-income families for this generous offer.

Like many hearth professionals who repair and install wood and pellet stoves, Scott often sees the faces of poverty. He was moved to help low-income families after seeing scores of families last winter that were living on the edge with a stove as their only heat source. Single mothers, the elderly, and unemployed are especially vulnerable in winter and face stark choices between heating and feeding themselves and their kids.
Scott is offering to repair about 3 pellet stoves a week or about 6 hours of labor - free of charge - but needs assistance to identify people who are already enrolled in a recognized low-income program such as Medicare, Medicaid, LIHEAP, food stamps, HUD subsidized housing, etc. Hearth stores and pellet dealers in southern New England can contact Scott directly to refer an eligible low-income family. Hearth dealerships and pellet suppliers can also nominate repair candidates simply by making a judgment call of their own.

This assistance covers labor only and not materials needed for repairs. It does not include installations or annual service cleanings. 
Scott’s service area is a 120 miles radius from Rehoboth, Massachusetts: Rhode Island, eastern Connecticut, eastern Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire, southeastern Vermont and the southern tip of Maine. For a more detailed map of the service area, click here http://www.pelletstoveservice.com/Rates_and_Pricing.html

Please feel free to post this notice and distribute it to other hearth stores.

Since 2003 Pellet Stove Service have been dedicated to servicing pellet burning stoves, pellet boilers and pellet furnaces. 

To contact Scott: (508) 507-9201or scott.pelletstoveservice@gmail.com


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  2. Great project! Salute to Scott for doing this. Is Scott offering this every winter?

  3. It's great offer for low income families. It's really appreciable step. Thanks scott for sharing this project here.