Thursday, September 9, 2010

National wood stove rebates program still possible

A national wood stove rebate program providing up to a $1,000 point of sale rebate is still possible for 2011 through the Home Star bill. The bill, part of S. 3663, was being considered by the Senate prior to the August recess but did not come up for a vote. Home Star still has strong support, and the current state of our economy means that Home Star is more important than ever. The Home Star Coalition, of which the Alliance for Green Heat is an active member, with Efficiency First and other groups, are still pushing for passage. And now that Senators are coming back to DC, it's time to ramp up our efforts.

We have a couple key opportunities to get Home Star passed this year. One of them starts next week, when Congress is scheduled to be in session for three weeks before the election. It is our sincere hope that Senators - from both sides of the aisle - are working together to constructively resolve concerns in the legislation in order to move to bi-partisan passage of the bill.

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